Links Useful for Work

December 10th 20181 min to read

This is a list of links, that I plan to show to this or that person from my work. I keep it here, in order to tell them to just open my blog and look for the link. Some links here are in russian.

How to Work and Motivation

Делать и сделать, alt source. Article describes what is definition of done in general. Article’s motto:

“Done” does not mean “I was doing it”.
“Done” means result of Your work is explicitly accepted [by the client].

Максимы, Аркадий Морейнис, 1995 год, журнал КомпьютерПресс. Article describes difference between “industrial programming” and “hobby programming”, and which consequences does it have. Article’s motto:

Programming in general is different from professional (industrial) programming in the same way how jogging is different from sprinter’s 200m run — in the first case, important thing is the process, in the second — the result.

Git Helpers

Git Book — A must-read for anyone using git. It is still possible to use git without this, but reading this book will help and pay back, eventually.

Git Explorer — Simple web app to help with most common git commands in terminal. Does not imply using any UI with git, as I always suggest.

Links for Later

  • Неожиданный способ онбординга новичков в проект. Речь идёт о “квесте”, который надо выполнить, попутно узнавая проект: