To Do

November 8th 20181 min to read

This is a todo list, that I use to build this site. Eventually, all the items should be done.

Really important things:

  1. Migrate content (and remove test content);
  2. Publish;

Let me keep a to-do list right here:

  • Add CSS for tables (tables look awful right now);
  • Setup deployment;
  • Add dates to posts and improve homepage;
  • Test as PWA;
  • Add PWA icon (maybe other icons);
  • Add search;
  • Add link to go home;
  • Add link to rss, using <GoRss> icon
  • Test offline mode on iOS
  • Add awesome PowerBI as a page
  • Add About page and link
  • Add some homepage design
  • Add posts preview
  • Add sliding from bottom menu
  • Add comments
  • Integrate with react-headroom
  • Switch to mdx

Simplification effort

  • Remove folder per component, store each component in its own folder
  • All data should go through GraphQL
  • Move templates to components (they aren’t anything more than a component)
  • Move layout to component.

Layout structure

  • Layout: used in every page of site, directly. See /pages.
  • Pages: these are top-level site pages.
  • Templates: these should be moved to /components.